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An insight to how Argentina began preparations to host the 1970 World Cup.
Tomás Sánchez de Bustamante, a club member of Huracán, threatened the life of a referee and is promptly banned from attending any match for two years. It is unclear if AFA possessed the ability to prevent his entry to stadiums; however, it is worth…
Armando was known as a temperamental figure, often dismissive of rules and regulations if they countered his own initiatives. Here, AFA levies a punishment on Armando.
Dutch coach labels Estudiantes as 'gangsters', Estudiantes demonstrated that they know how to lose, and a bottle is thrown at an Argentine keeper. Yet, Feyenoord played better soccer and deserved to win.
The magazine lavishes praise on an Dutch side that played beautiful soccer and characterized Estudiantes as a team that was dazed and confused. Little hope for the second match in Holland.
By defeating Brazil in Porto Alegre, the magazine dubs the triumph a 'miracle'-a stark difference from the notion of Argentine superiority in soccer before 1958.
A noticeable shift in direction of the national team occurs following the events of 1969 (World Cup failure and Estudiantes). Pizzuti, former coach of Racing, embodies an attacking style of soccer that makjes use of the long ball, or as it is known…
The hiring of Adolfo Perdenera as national coach and a match against lowly Bolivia 'assure' Argentina of qualifying for Mexico 1970 and bringing order to Argentine soccer.
In this collection of interviews notable players and coaches provide their opinions as to why the national team is in a terrible state and may not qualify for Mexico 1970
Little bands of fans ('barras bravas'?) destroy parts of the Monumental stadium in celebration of Boca Juniors championship-also injuring many
Match between River and Racing descends into chaos in the stands and the use of gas canisters against fans
Although some physicality and incidents did take place the magazine cites the overall qualiuty of the match as worthy of a final
Ardizzone looks at Estudiantes and wonders if their system and approach to the game has ceased to be effective
El Grafico proclaims that Estudiantes has given the Intercontinental Cup away before the second match to be played in Holland
Unclear whether El Grafico selectively chooses to publish incidents at stadiums but this episode is noticeable amid a mood of positive hope on the state of Argentine soccer (but negative disillusionment at fans?)
El Grafico tries to get at the heart of Zuebldia's philosophy about soccer By favoring England and Germany's 'order' over Brazil the Estudiantes coach received criticism Here he clarifies by explaining that work and discipline matter and that Brazil…
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