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More information on the finances to fund River's stadium
As one of the first years of Boca Juniors under Alberto Armando, this letter provides some insight into the priorities of the club at the outset of an era focused on increasing spectacle amid dwindling attendance.
Included in this information is a comparative look at spending between 1954 and 1955, as well as funds allocated for the closing of the Monumental stadium.
Two valuable pieces of information exist here. One, is that the plans and means to fund the fourth section of the Monumental Stadium predate the sale of Omar Sívori by at least 3 years. Second is the number of club members, which is useful when…
Overview of successful projects in 1955, including the expansion of facilities for children and the foundation for the completion of the fourth side of the stadium.
An insight to how Argentina began preparations to host the 1970 World Cup.
The government encourages River to move forward with public works projects that will employ workers and stimulate the economy, while River officials seek a return to government funding of sports (La Ley del Deporte).
Of particular note is the section on sports and popular culture, showing preferences and gender divisions.
The motion that passes through the legislature is to exempt clubs undergoing major projects from taxes on land.
Senators José Castiglione, among others, introduces into the Senate the legislation brought forth in the lower chamber to cede public lands to Boca Juniors for their "Ciudad Deportiva" project. The measure passes and goes onto the executive branch…
An important document--details and transcript of the legislation brought forth by Reinaldo Elena (and others) to cede public lands to Boca Juniors for the club's plan to construct the Ciudad Deportiva.
The request to absolve Boca Juniors from paying taxes on lands where they are constructing their Ciudad Deportiva is pushed to a vote, and approved.
This request, from Senator Arturo Mor Roig, requests that Boca Juniors and other clubs that endeavor on major construction projects, avoid taxes during their building phase.
Although Boca Juniors publicly defends their project and timetable for completion, the article notes some inconsistencies that raise serious questions about the project.
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