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The government encourages River to move forward with public works projects that will employ workers and stimulate the economy, while River officials seek a return to government funding of sports (La Ley del Deporte).
Frondizi re-enters the political stage with Illia in office.
The article shows surprise at how a celebratory moment to welcome the national team led to an expression of xenophobia not seen since the heyday of Eva Perón. The anti-Britishness also reflected old feelings about the Malvinas, all of which the…
The commentary by Grondona suggests that the model for the military coup were the similar approaches in De Gaulle's France, Franco's Spain, and Branco's Brazil. The question is what the new government means by "revolutionary" and what new powers have…
Helpful piece to see how different sectors feel about a coup in 1966
With an uprising in Tucumán, as well as the weakness of the Illia government, the article looks at the various possible outcomes facing the country.
A revealing quote on how Frondizi populated his economic team with businessmen ("empresarios") and Illia with economists.
Sensing that the military will repeat the coup of 1962, President Illia provides a speech aimed at restoring confidence in his government. Primera Plana concludes that the speech was notable for what was ommitted, punctuated by a cartoon.
An interesting look at how Arturo Illia handled his ouster from the Presidency
As the brother to the Vice-President, Perette is another in a long line of AFA Presidents that were intimately tied to the head of state (such as Ramón Castillo in the early 1940s, Oscar Nicolini under Perón, and Frondizi's childhood friend Raúl…
The language here is valuable, as is the coverage of how players were greeted at Ezeiza.
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