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FIFA awarded Argentina the 1978 World Cup after losing in the voting process to Mexico for the 1970 tournament. Here, AFA begins to assess the infrastructure and readiness to host the tournament.
In short, this article is a blueprint for how Argentina can modernize its economy and learn from foreign models like the U.S. This article is a good companion piece to any study on desarrolismo
Frondizi seems to want to invest (economically) in Argentine sports in order to modernize it and provide it more success through a government patronage of sorts
By delving into the history of Argentine players being bought by foreign clubs, and the recent economic history of the nation vis-á-vis the US and Europe, this article attributes a downturn in economic conditions as the main reason why European clubs…
Seemingly retired and living in the countryside, the magazine catches up with Frondizi, who provides his take on the current and delicate situation in Argentina.
Frondizi re-enters the political stage with Illia in office.
Frondizi re-enters the political stage with Illia in office.
Out of exile, Frondizi resumes his political career but as an advocate more than a politician.
Valuable transcripts of Frondizi's speeches to various bodies in the United States
The magazine labels Frondizi an enigma, and tries to explain Argentina's new president and governing philosophy to foreign readers.
A much more political and economic type of discussion than the profile pieces seen in other magazines.
The twenty questions seek to understand Frondizi's governing philosophy
Almost every popular magazine profiled Frondizi either on the eve of his election, or afterwards. Here, the magazine takes a look at personal life of the President-elect.
A helpful look at how a non-military politician positions himself as both a non-Peronist and as a civilian with an alternative plan for the country.
Frondizi lays out the Radicals' platform on dealing with the economic crisis.
Frondizi begins to position himself for post-Peron elections by stating his solutions for the Argentine economy.
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