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This illustration by Oliver Wendell Harrington raises awareness of the torture used by the military junta in Argentina at the same time the country hosted the 1978 World Cup. []
An insight to how Argentina began preparations to host the 1970 World Cup.
FIFA awarded Argentina the 1978 World Cup after losing in the voting process to Mexico for the 1970 tournament. Here, AFA begins to assess the infrastructure and readiness to host the tournament.
Intercontinental Cup first leg is a draw, which benefits Feyenoord. The magazine looks at lessons to be learned from this match.
The commentator is worried that Argentina is ill-equipped to host a World Cup when scenes of mayhem and referee intimidation are a constant in the national pastime.
Journalists like Panzeri have long been enamored of Menotti's philosophy about how to play soccer. This article focuses on Huracan's coach, who will eventually become the national team coach in the 1978 World Cup, and whay he values in soccer:…
Mogilevsky,Lorenzo, and others discuss what ails Argentine fútbol, what are the pressing needs ahead of the 1974 World Cup, and what needs to be done by the time that the country hosts the 1978 World Cup.
The recurring violence at fútbol stadiums, according to the author, will reveal Argentina to the outside world…as a nation of disorder, mayhem, and lawlessness (if the world does not already view Argentina this way.)
The commentary by Llistosella chastises club officials for their financial negligence in paying back their debts, even when the state offers them money through television deals on state-run Channel 7. Previous attempts at raising revenue, like…
Argentina is the sole candidate for the 1978 World Cup and due to the selection of Mexico as the host of the 1970 tournament, the South American country will be unopposed. A follow-up article shares the concern of FIFA chief Sir Stanley Rous that a…
Various reports focus on the physicality of the match between Manchester United and Estudiantes
At a FIFA conference in Tokyo, ratified in London, FIFA awards the 1974 World Cup to West Germany when Spain steps aside and agrees to host the 1982 tournament. Meanwhile, Argentina's lone bid to host the 1978 World Cup secures the world's most…
The magazine asks where 1.1 billion dollars went as both AFA and the Ministry for Social Good bicker over lost funds.
Although the eventual organization of the World Cup will pass to another military government, this record is useful
The military government emphasizes the growing importance of Argentina in international sports as it begins to prepare for the 1978 World Cup. The state issues Ley Nº 19.468, ratified by the Ministerio de Bienestar Social on March 6, 1972 (Resolución…
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