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An interview with the newly appointed president of AFA, Dr. Adolfo F. Orma, in 1915. This issue of the magazine from 1915 is one of the earliest examples of a soccer-focused magazine publication in Argentina.
English players meet Argentine soccer officials
Dinner for English football officials
Unlike the 1928 Olympics, where reasons were largely external, this loss to Uruguay looks inward at poor preparation and the role (for worse) of soccer officials. Negative portrayal of club officials as well-to-do men who become rich off soccer.
Instead of lamenting the use of gas and water hoses by the police, the magazine presents these and other forms of public control as "obstacles" that the stoicism of the brave hinchas overcame.
Of note is the lengthy response by who will be the national team coach in 1966: Lorenzo
In this particular petition, the Eva Peron Foundation asks for the presence of key government officials as honorary officials in the "Juegos Infantiles Eva Peron" and "Juegos Juveniles Juan Peron."
Reporting on the latest AFA meeting, the paper details a telegram from Futbolistas Argentinos Agremiados (FAA) asking that AFA formally recognize this new players' union as a voice for their concerns. La Nación also reveals the discussion among the…
Magazine lays some blame on the head coach and physical trainer of the national team for not standing up to club officials/coaches, and for not demanding respect for their positions by allowing the AFA to continue its path of haphazard scheduling and…
Arsenal´s youth system is used as a model of what happens when a club invests in the future, instead of the present Ampelio Liberali uses the efficient youth system at Arsenal to criticize club officials in professional soccer who spend money on star…
After criticizing players and club officials, this article takes aim at how laws and commitments to the game are often ignored
The commentary by Llistosella chastises club officials for their financial negligence in paying back their debts, even when the state offers them money through television deals on state-run Channel 7. Previous attempts at raising revenue, like…
Inner politics of AFA exposed in Gente, particularly interesting because club officials seem to want intervention.
Of particular note is the fact that Estudiantes players are routinely omitted from consideration for the national team. Why? Some accounts cite Estudiantes head coach Osvaldo Zubeldía's unwillingness to release players, but here the national coach…
Even after the tragedy of Puerta 12, club officials still sell more tickets than seats…causing mass confusion and overcrowding that has been shown to be unsafe for spectators.
In a poor, losing match against Brazil, the national team's performance reflected some of the worst prctices by AFA (hastily arranged matches, inability of securing more than one or two players from a club).
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