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This digitized scan of an unknown Argentine newspaper, collected by Everton F.C. Heritage Society, shows members of Everton and Tottenham arriving at the docks in Buenos Aires in 1909. Both club teams received generous stipends to play exhibition…
Select articles from the publication El Hogar that offer images of famous teams and players in 1915. This issue of the magazine from 1915 is one of the earliest examples of a soccer-focused magazine publication in Argentina.
Image of the Buenos Aires Cricket Club, which hosted some of the earliest organized sports matches in Argentina including cricket, football, and rugby.
Barcelona goalkeeper, Hungarian Francisco Platko Klopetz, dives for the ball as Argentine and Barcelona players watch. In the second image, Platko latches onto the ball as Domingo Tarasconi and Raimundo Orsi charge the Barcelona keeper. The game, an…
Boca Juniors goalkeeper leaps for the ball as a Barcelona player goes for a header. The game, an international club friendly played in Buenos Aires, ended in a 2-1 win for the Catalan club. [Image accessible at Wikimedia Commons]
Worm's-eye-view of a league game played circa 1930 between Racing and San Lorenzo.
Image of female spectators - in a specific area of the stands for women - watching a match between Racing and Quilmes on July 18, 1911 (Racing won 2-1).
Alumni Athletic Club (white shorts) and Porteño (dark shorts) compete for the during the league championship in 1911 at Club Gimnasia y Esgrima de Buenos Aires. Alumni won 2-1 and secured the league title once again (10 titles in 12 years). [Image in…
Images of Alumni Athletic Club in 1902 (heyday) and 1910 (towards the end of their dominance). [View image 1 and image 2 accessible at Wikimedia Commons]
An image from a club match between Alumni and Racing that took place on June 25, 1911, and won by Racing by a score of 3-1. [Image in the public domain]
Covering the period October 1, 1968 to September 30, 1969, these records details financial transactions of CABJ, the income generated by the professional fútbol team, and expenses including many services to its members (such as the club library).
These records make a point to emphasize the costs related to the Ciudad Deportiva project (under control!) and the fact they do not limit the normal atheltic and cultural functions of the club.
Club members were active in various ways, particularly in organizing and participating in various cultural and folkloric events.
A list of club successes in various competitions, including (but not limited to) bocce, track and field, basketball, judo, volleyball, wrestling, and cycling.
This table records the data for club membership at Boca Juniors between October 1969 and September 1969 - a period of relatively small decline with a decrease of almost 5,000 socios (10%).
These pages provide a summary of the club's major accomplishments, including the staging of new exhibition tournaments and the progress of the Ciudad Deportiva complex.
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