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Select articles from the publication El Hogar that offer the history of soccer in Argentina, as well as the origin of association football in England. These pieces are some of the earliest examples of the mythmaking that took pace when recounting the…
Image of Alumni legends and cousins Jorge and Juan Brown on the cover of El Gráfico July 21, 1923 (issue No. 212).
Alumni Athletic Club (white shorts) and Porteño (dark shorts) compete for the during the league championship in 1911 at Club Gimnasia y Esgrima de Buenos Aires. Alumni won 2-1 and secured the league title once again (10 titles in 12 years). [Image in…
Images of Alumni Athletic Club in 1902 (heyday) and 1910 (towards the end of their dominance). [View image 1 and image 2 accessible at Wikimedia Commons]
An image from a club match between Alumni and Racing that took place on June 25, 1911, and won by Racing by a score of 3-1. [Image in the public domain]
The article previews the highly-publicized match between Argentina and England, with a useful primer for readers that details the footballing history between both nations - especially the performance of English club teams in their visits to Argentina…
This piece highlights the mythaking that was already taking place in 1920, looking back at a mostly Anglo-Argentiine team as an ideal lost in Argentine football.
Like many Anglo-Argentine footballers of the early 20th century, Brown was praised as a legendary teacher of the game by what he did on the field.
This special issue celebrates the history of the club, its old stadium, the new facility, and thanks key members of the Peronist government such as the President, First Lady, Ramón Cereijo, and Carlos Aloé.
Very helpful series of articles to see how the Argentine press characterized player violence (highlighting Celtic's infractions) and the importance paid to Argentina's first "world" title in soccer.
Using examples like Perinetti (Alumni) and Pedernera (Racing), the article examines how "cracks" have changed over the years to today's stars like Teófilo Cubillas from Perú.
Consensus is that Alumni disbanded following the 1912 season. Here, in 1917, appears a portrait of Alumni's football team. Is this an old photo?

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