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Select articles from the publication El Hogar that offer the history of soccer in Argentina, as well as the origin of association football in England. These pieces are some of the earliest examples of the mythmaking that took pace when recounting the…
Although the Education department hosted an annual youth festival honoring students, the staging, imagery and focus on physical aptitude all echo what critics would cite as fascist symbolism and indoctrination of youth.
Perón's message for students and parents about education in the 2nd quinquenal
Physical education was a central focus of the 2nd Quinquenal and its program for school age children
The articles paint a positive picture of the contributions of the Peronist state to soccer, youth, physical education, and sports in general.
The article lauds the 15th (out of 40) place in the overall medal count and how these athletes honored the support of the President. A sidebar mentions "National Physical Education Day".
AFA is required to participate in the development of a physical education program for the nation's youth
The primary school soccer tournament continues and players try to unionize (a recurring issue that leads to the players strike of 1948)
The Eva Perón tournaments were not the first for children. 418 teams participated in 69 matches in July of 1945. More than 6,000 children participated between ages 12 and 14.
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