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A detailed look at the non-soccer related activities at a major club like River Plate.
Although the Education department hosted an annual youth festival honoring students, the staging, imagery and focus on physical aptitude all echo what critics would cite as fascist symbolism and indoctrination of youth.
Physical education was a central focus of the 2nd Quinquenal and its program for school age children
This outline is a good example of how physical education was seen as scientific and important to overall hygiene.
Inaugural issue of Revista Racing Club de Chivilcoy, a fan magazine largely created by the club itself (unlike its counterparts in other, much larger, institutions in major cities like Buenos Aires). This magazine particularly focuses on cultural and…
The article lauds the 15th (out of 40) place in the overall medal count and how these athletes honored the support of the President. A sidebar mentions "National Physical Education Day".
AFA is required to participate in the development of a physical education program for the nation's youth
The lack of focus and guidance of the first five-year plan is corrected in this manual to the second five-year plan, with physical education and sports receiving special focus.
The second quinquenal was more focused than the first plan from the late 1940s. In terms of sports, it sought to use increased participation-particularly among children-as a way to promote social justice and enhance the health of citizens. Included…
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