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Because El Gráfico was busy heaping praise on itself the previous week, this delayed summary of La Plata's stadium disaster, focusing on the safety and well being of people who attend these matches.
Two payers, known for their long hair and sideburns (and thick moustache), are the new stars of Argentine fútbol. One, Carlos Rodríguez, is also the new "hard man" in the league and prone to lengthy suspensions for his physical play.
This outline is a good example of how physical education was seen as scientific and important to overall hygiene.
This article is a precursor, of sorts, to the types of articles that appeared frequently four decades later in Argentine sports magazines. It provides a medical analysis of how players should train, adopt good daily habits, and the risk of…
As part of th emove towards greater professionalization in Argentine fútbol, sports writers and members of training staffs often debated how players should take care of themselves for optimal performance. Here, the issue of a player's diet comes…
Education was an important element in the Peronist state's construction of the "New Argentina." Here, Mundo Argentino offers a glowing assessment of the progress taking place throughout schools in Argentina under Perón.
These ads were aimed at readers of El Gráfico, most of whom were middle-class men.
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