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Troubling article about how an anonymous person bombed the home of River Plate's coach
More violence on the pitch, as players and coaches are expelled in the match between Boca and River River's goalie, Carrizo, troubled by the refusal of how own to let him out of the game, punches a Boca player at the end The refreree is also struck…
A brief interview with Zubeldia after his first match in charge of Los Albicelestes
In the game against Russia, although marred by some physical play, Zubeldia's national team shows an ability to finish games strong--lacking under Minella
Zubeldia is hired as new national team coach for the 1966 World Cup, despite a laundry list of conditions
The value of this article is that it summarizes the effects of physical approaches to soccer that stifle creativity and lead to less goals
"El Inter de Boedo": Lorenzo's San Lorenzo team of 1965
Of note is the lengthy response by who will be the national team coach in 1966: Lorenzo
Lorenzo employed a "cerrojo" style on Boca Juniors, citing the youth and inexperience of his new team, and earned plaudits for seemingly turning around San Lorenzo's season Much of his approach is derived from his previous years in Italy [Puskas…
Although El Grafico made it abundantly clear that it did not approve of Minella as head coach of the national team, it provides him space to clear up misconceptions and explain his coaching decisions Of note, he talks about implementing a "cerrojo",…
In this match, the presence of police and gas canisters adds to the ugly scenes witnessed on the soccer field for three consecutive matches between Boca and Independiente
This version tries to give reason to what the author feels has no rationale
A climate of war and vendettas has gripped the rivalry between Boca Juniors and Independiente
This interview is helpful because Zubeldia addresses topics such as his reputation and tactics (including praise for Helenio Herrera) The beginning of a successful and controversial era in Argentine soccer
Just a glimpse into how AFA chiefs are selected and deposed by powerful club presidents
Juvenal's assessment is that "yesterday" and "today" are not clear, how do we know when "yesterday's soccer" ends? It also looks at 1964 as a better season for soccer, more vibrant attacking, but also more violence on the field as fouls are used…
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