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As one of the first years of Boca Juniors under Alberto Armando, this letter provides some insight into the priorities of the club at the outset of an era focused on increasing spectacle amid dwindling attendance.
River Plate, like many larger clubs, came under scrutiny after the fall of Perón. Here, River shows that all their records and club matters are in order and ask for a return to normalcy in AFA.
An insight to how Argentina began preparations to host the 1970 World Cup.
The most surprising aspect of this entry is that little fanfare is provided to Argentina's loss in the bidding process for the 1962 World Cup (the Memoria y Balance provides more details).
In the first article, a move is made to honor the entire national team for their string performance at the 1966 World Cup. In the second article, AFA President Francisco Perette submits his resignation for approval. Perette was the brother of Arturo…
In the high sporting interests represented by the World Cup, Valentín Suárez is officially appointed as "asesor" to manage the national team. It is widely assumed that the scouting trip resulted in a harsh assessment of Juan Carlos Lorenzo's ability…
The re-election of Raul Colombo as AFA President also shows Mundo Deportivo that the organization is full of the vices of Argentine soccer: its own survival and parasites.
By focusing on athleticism and training, no criticism is leveld at the style of polay of the Argentine player. 'Simply work harder' is the common lesson learned from 1958.
The idea of a commission to investigate responsibilities and determine actions is welcomes in light of 1958.
Using 5 points, Besio lists the ills of Argentine soccer and addresses foreign perceptions of the Argentine team and its players.
Having previously stated the many faults of preparation the magazine allows itself a chance to say 'I told you so'.
Assesses the changes and adaptations needed for success moving forward: better preparation, more speed, less pride (and sense of entitlement鈥ore humility), and a harder work ethic.
This doctor believes that players on the national team lack rest, contrary to what most believed at the time.
Unlike the 1928 Olympics, where reasons were largely external, this loss to Uruguay looks inward at poor preparation and the role (for worse) of soccer officials. Negative portrayal of club officials as well-to-do men who become rich off soccer.

River accuses AFA officials and President of trying to make it difficult for River to succeed by arguing for more parity, instead of viewing River as a model of progress.
Building to a head all year, the magazine simply wants a total overhaul of the team. The following week's cover headline read '¡Otro año al tacho de basura!' [note: River is in 3rd place]
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