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Post-match report of the group-stage match of the 1962 World Cup between Argentina and England, which the latter won by a score of 3-1.
Post-match report of the 1968 Intercontinental Cup becomes an opinion piece by Geoffrey Greene about the degree to which sports tensions become national tensions after the President of Argentina stopped Estudiantes from playing some "friendies" in…

Of note is that the televising of the match between Argentina and Czechoslovakia is permitted on the condition that ticket sales are a success. This shows the fear that televising a match would hurt ticket sales.
Having previously stated the many faults of preparation the magazine allows itself a chance to say 'I told you so'.
When River defeats international teams it is a victory for all of Argentina.
Without the individual creativity and play of Pando, the Argentine national team lacks the consistency and organization needed to win
Summary of latest meetings and the decision to reform Argentinean soccer in the same way that Brazil undertookl reforms after 1950 and 1954
Lack of seriousness, training, and discipline marred the performance of Argentina in comparison to European (and even Brazilian) players
After losing to Germany 3-1, Argentina beat Northern Ireland 3-1 and then lost to Czechoslovakia 6-1 Author blames the lack of professional seriousness by Argentine players in comparison to Europeans Argentine players enjoy soccer, but do not live…
Article summarizes the state of the national team and the state of Argentinean football: not bad, not good
An interesting article because it reveals a cautionary assessment of Czechoslovakia (which defeated Argentina 6-1 at the World Cup), yet maintains an overly optimistic tone about Argentina's chances.
Ardigo is optimistic about Argentina's chances after its World Cup draw, which includes West Germany, Northern Ireland, and Czechoslovakia. Goles thus becomes part of the commerical media that painted an optimistic picture of Argentina's chances.
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