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Lanus stadium is highly guarded; the team was involved in several incidents during this time
Photo claims that the police were the assailants.
Any women?
Overview of incidents involving players from Argentinos Juniors and River Plate, police, medical assistants, and coaches. More on pages 20-21.
A useful look at what 'modern' meant to the writers of River in 1961, and thus how people came to understand what modernity in soccer meant and what the opposite entailed.
Game descends, thanks to a passive referee, into a defensive and violent game Eventually a brawl involving 19 players punctuates the affair [The following week, 8 players were expelled in a match between Lanus and Estudiantes for violent actions on…
Interesting because you can see a local and "imported" version of a similar catenaccio style of play at work in this match
For several months, especially after Juan Carlos Lorenzo takes over San Lorenzo, news coverage has focused less on boring and lacluster matches and more on physical affairs where both teams aim to not lose San Lorenzo shows up in most of these…
Gas canisters, bottles, police, and other all-too-familiar scenes at another match
Displaying various newspaper clippings and letters, El Grafico wants to shed light on the increasing violence at soccer matches as an example of the nation's decaying sense of morality
Mogilevsky clears up why he resigned, what went on with Colombo and AFA officials, and the contradictory statements made about player selections
Mogilevsky resigns, AFA rejects the resignation, and then an AFA official kicks him (literally) out of the special meeting to punish him Very odd
For some reason AFA is involved in this negotiation, presumably because of the importance that fútbol played in clubs and their ability to fund other sporting activities–such as education classes and training.
The labor union proposes an increase in salaries for support staff. AFA's initial refusal leads to government mediation. The first set of data looks at what UTEDYC proposes, while the second set is the end result (below what the union asked for).…
The transfer of city property to a club association must meet Congressional approval, in this case San Lorenzo's move to acquire more land for expansion of facilities is under review.
Barracas Central's request for a loan from the federal government in order to purchase land is one example of how the state enabled clubs to incur major debts in the ealry 1960s.
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