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Perhaps as a way to quell public concerns over safety at soccer stadiums, AFA decrees various measures to protect fans, players, and officials: banning the entry of bottles, controlling the sale of tickets, and separation of sections of the stadium.
No mention is made of violence at games in the first division, instead the focus is on smaller venues at the "B" division.
Lanus stadium is highly guarded; the team was involved in several incidents during this time
Low attendance, poor management, lack of involvement by AFA, all lead to a decline in the quality of soccer in Argentina.
Article blames club officials for placing their interests on monetary policies over stadium security and the protection of fans. The author seems to absolve fans from unruly behavior and wonders if anything will come of AFA meausres.
When River plays in small stadiums, the fandom that follows River Plate defies stadium security and capacity measures.
Letter from River President Julian Kent absolving the club from any negligence on stadium security
Team official tries to set the record straight on Puerta 12
Images and reporting provide a look into the tragedy of Puerta 12
Cover image and title, 'Horro', describes the events of Puerta 12
Specific mention is made of the 'hinchada', the police, and the excessive intervention by authorities in the face of a restless fan base. The loss here is to Deportivo Español, one of the worst teams of the season.
Children invade the field to celebrate with players
Although no direct connection can be made between these youth and what would later become more organized barras brava, it is interesting to see that the danger in accessing a soccer field so easily became a concern for journalists What would stop 12…
Security is still lacking at stadiums, as evidenced by a seocnd consecutive week of pitch invasions that could have resulted in injuries to fans and players The author asks whether laws have any meanings left?
Goles accuses AFA of ignoring the various problems afecting Argentine fútbol: the exods of talented players, the decline of quality fútbol, the fiscal mismanagement at clubs, the lack of stadium safety, etc.
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