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According to the BAH, hundreds of Chilans waited for the Italian national team delegation to return to their hotel after the Italy-Chile match to throw rocks and other projectles at them, as well as chant "Death to the Italians!" The article also…
Reports indicate a airly spirited but fair match between Argentina and England in Chile, which differed from the volatile matches that marred group play in the tournament. The paper notes that Argentina did not field its ideal starting XI due to a…
Commentary on the Italy-Chile match, and details about Chilean fans throwing rocks at the Italian delegation after the match. The title of the article, "Hermanos," shows that in the spirit of brotherhood of the World Cup, there's no love lost when…
Photo claims that the police were the assailants.
Linker's death receives more attention than in El Grafico
Low attendance, poor management, lack of involvement by AFA, all lead to a decline in the quality of soccer in Argentina.
Article blames club officials for placing their interests on monetary policies over stadium security and the protection of fans. The author seems to absolve fans from unruly behavior and wonders if anything will come of AFA meausres.
Cartoon and commentary demeans Uruguayan victory. Not only does it try to invalidate it as unjust, but also portrays Uruguayans as savages in racialized terms. No longer are they the "porteño" brothers of a similar culture (gaucheque, mate,…
The harassing of referees, presence of fans on the field, gas canisters and hoses aimed at hinchas, and other routine incidents call for a reform structure and morality in Argentine soccer.
Helpful article in determining what is a 'revolution' and what is aimed at changing.
Letter from River President Julian Kent absolving the club from any negligence on stadium security
Team official tries to set the record straight on Puerta 12
Images and reporting provide a look into the tragedy of Puerta 12
Cover image and title, 'Horro', describes the events of Puerta 12
Image captures the problems with authorities
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