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Now named by AFA, Mario Linker is honored by a moment of silence.

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Mario Linker (although not mentioned by name here) died at a soccer match due to excessive force by the police. AFA moves to honor the victim, tend to his family, and assess the causes of his death--including excessive force (although the police, nor…
Linker's body is visible among the gases in the stands.
Linker's death receives more attention than in El Grafico
The death of Mario Linker, although not the first in Argentine fútbol, was widely reported in the press. As a consequence, politicians became involved to demonstrate their ability to quell violence at the stadiums (but more likely this was just…
Condemns the actions of "hinchas" that overshadowed the soccer game and cost the life of a young fan Panzeri blames the animalistic fans, who threw projectiles at the River goalie throughout the match In turn, the River fans retaliated and police…
Jornalist El Bachiller wrote a weekly column, of which he dedicated a bit this week to the problems in Liniers. He appeals to civility and rememberance near Mother's Day for the woman who lost a son.
Little mention of the role of the police
Unlike more established sports magazines, the death of Mario Linker makes the front cover of Campeón. Here is where the police in indicted in the press for its repressive tactics.
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