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AFA honors the efforts of the police chief in providing a safe atmosphere at the stadium. This recognition should be read in the context of the coup that took place a few months ago and the promise of the military to restore social order. These AFA…
The legislature formally requests the executive branch to explain what it is doing to prevent stadium violence, and specifically if the limiting of police officers exacerbates the situation.
The death of Mario Linker, although not the first in Argentine fútbol, was widely reported in the press. As a consequence, politicians became involved to demonstrate their ability to quell violence at the stadiums (but more likely this was just…
A useful survey of the peronist movement over 15 years.
The climate of violence escalates, leaving Aramburu dead and a martyr for the military's pursuit of social order; however, this murder came a month after Onganía was ousted by other military leaders for failing to stem public violence.
The increase in violence, social disorder, and labor protests have led to many influential military leaders looking for an alternative solution. Onganía will be out of power within the year. [The sidebar is worth a read. Also: the following week…
Students, deeply divided along political lines, are increasingly coming into conflict. One reformer proposes an increase of funding for university sports–long abandoned. His reasoning is that students are less likely to come into political…
Tribunal de Penas rules against players who committed severe fouls on the field by imposing a 4 to 30 match suspension, demanding that players observe good sportsmanship and to put all their efforts towards becoming good players and sportsmen.
Notions of good sportsmanship are outlined in this piece by a member of the club
The article praises the fan who supports teams with a positive spirit, but blasts the "hincha" ("uno de los seres más desagradables y perniciosos de nuestro actual medio")
Notions of good sportsmanship tie into social order, regulations, and even morality.
One article tries to summarize why a fan struck the referee with an orange in the left eye, while the other article blasts fans who should be exiled to uncivilized places of the world.
Campeón did not publish the previous week, when Perón was overthrown. Upon its republication, the magazine calls for a normalcy in soccer during "los sucesos que son de pública notoriedad" and how the year was marked by "acontecimientos…
Hoping for a better season in 1966, the article expresses a desire for Argentine fútbol to move past "bochornosos espectáculos donde abundarán las agresiones, el juego brusco, la indisciplina y la incultura."
Police launch gas canisters into the crowd to disperse unruly fans
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