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These detailed charts help us understand the amount of money River Plate raised in 1958 through fútbol matches, and the impact of player transfers in financing the fourth section of the stadium.
A look at how much each player earned in 1958
Chart shows to some degree how funds were allocated for club projects.
A snapshot of club membership and fútbol events in 1958, when Argentine offered a very poor performance at the World Cup.
Because River sent the most players to the nation team that played in Sweden, and said team received a hostile welcome upon its return, this letter tries to shield the club's players from negative reaction. It warns of the consequence of continued…
Helpful to examine this data to the previous year
Compare data to 1957
Although the club blames their 3 million pesos of debt to problems in professional fútbol, and AFA's inability to address them properly, the data shows that the club embarked on major products without the necessary capital.
This brief synopsis of facility construction helps showcase how these clubs were much more than a pure soccer entity.
More committees will meet to assess how to improve the national sport.
More details on the AFA investigation, with coaching reports to be assessed by club and AFA officials.
AFA asks for a report from the coaching staff, led by Guillermo Stabile, on what happened at the 1958 World Cup.
AFA, which feels that only amateur soccer is under the government's control of Olympic sports, declines the offer for COA to assess the miserable performance of the national team at the World Cup. It shows a degree of government influence, but also…
Perhaps as a way to quell public concerns over safety at soccer stadiums, AFA decrees various measures to protect fans, players, and officials: banning the entry of bottles, controlling the sale of tickets, and separation of sections of the stadium.
Now named by AFA, Mario Linker is honored by a moment of silence.

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Mario Linker (although not mentioned by name here) died at a soccer match due to excessive force by the police. AFA moves to honor the victim, tend to his family, and assess the causes of his death--including excessive force (although the police, nor…
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