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Police announce a series of measures to curb fan disorders, including stationing retired policeman at ticket windows to monitor the resale of tickets, barring spectators from bringing objects into stadiums that could inflict damage, and prosecuting…
A capacity crowd endured the pouring rain to witness the second match between Argentina and England (total revenue for this game stood at 3.2 million pesos). The referee eventually suspended the match as playing conditions worsened, leading Sir…
The article discusses the ticket prices for both matches (with sale figures included), as well as details of the English team's arrival and lodging.
The opening lines of this article — "The nation, on its path toward athletic maturity, will, beginning today, attend to the opening ceremony of the first Pan-American Games that will take place at the President Perón Stadium in Avellaneda ..." —…
Helpful data for understanding Boca Juniors' income from matches in relation to its overall spending priorities and total income.
These detailed charts help us understand the amount of money River Plate raised in 1958 through fútbol matches, and the impact of player transfers in financing the fourth section of the stadium.
A very detailed look at how much River Plate earned in gate receipts in 1957.
A very detailed look at how much River Plate earned in gate receipts.

Of note is that the televising of the match between Argentina and Czechoslovakia is permitted on the condition that ticket sales are a success. This shows the fear that televising a match would hurt ticket sales.
The match between Argentina and Italy, played in Buenos Aires, was designed as a last minute show of the country's preparedness to host a World Cup. This is helpful to compare the prices for international matches to those for club games, as well as…
Perhaps as a way to quell public concerns over safety at soccer stadiums, AFA decrees various measures to protect fans, players, and officials: banning the entry of bottles, controlling the sale of tickets, and separation of sections of the stadium.
A quick look at the minimum ticket prices fixed for the first matches of 1966 in the "primera" and "B" divisions. Notice that some matches are 10 to 40 pesos more expensive.
By hosting interzonal games in neutral sites, new AFA policies seem to affect club members who pay reduced fees at their local stadium.
This letter shows that club interests to maximize profits, by hosting games on Thursdays as well as weekends, conflict with fans who paid for their membership but could not attend Thursday matches due to work. [A second letter with a similar…
Useful letter to see the fan's perspective on club finances
By comparing the ticket sales in both matches Italy played in Buenos Aires, the article emphasizes River's stadium capacity and superiority over Racing.
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