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The variety of data here provides a more complete look at the club's finances, including earnings from player transfers, international games, gate receipts, and club membership.
Great charts to assess change over time for gate receipts.
Helpful data for understanding Boca Juniors' income from matches in relation to its overall spending priorities and total income.
These detailed charts help us understand the amount of money River Plate raised in 1958 through fútbol matches, and the impact of player transfers in financing the fourth section of the stadium.
A very detailed look at how much River Plate earned in gate receipts in 1957.
A very detailed look at how much River Plate earned in gate receipts.
The two charts are helpful when read against each other
A very helpful set of charts tracking the years 1943-1947
A more detailed breakdown of who attended Boca Juniors matches
Perhaps as a way to quell public concerns over safety at soccer stadiums, AFA decrees various measures to protect fans, players, and officials: banning the entry of bottles, controlling the sale of tickets, and separation of sections of the stadium.
Low attendance, poor management, lack of involvement by AFA, all lead to a decline in the quality of soccer in Argentina.
Article blames club officials for placing their interests on monetary policies over stadium security and the protection of fans. The author seems to absolve fans from unruly behavior and wonders if anything will come of AFA meausres.
Acknowledging that the behavior of some fans has alienated many from attending matches at stadiums, this commentary also criticizes the behavior or players who feign injury as a tactic. The author lauds the performance of foreign referees who are…
Because El Gráfico was busy heaping praise on itself the previous week, this delayed summary of La Plata's stadium disaster, focusing on the safety and well being of people who attend these matches.
Earnings from soccer matches are at an all-time high but the public's great interest in the sport does not transfer to a better level of play
Several helpful charts on the decline of Argentine soccer attendance Two charts stand out in particular: sold tickets (1933-1963) and cost of match tickets (1947-1963) The sudden rise in ticket prices after Peron also supports the idea that the…
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