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Several helpful charts on the decline of Argentine soccer attendance Two charts stand out in particular: sold tickets (1933-1963) and cost of match tickets (1947-1963) The sudden rise in ticket prices after Peron also supports the idea that the…
Independiente's style of play comes under scrutiny for its excessive use of physical play, violence, and the players' own assessment that they were more "macho" ("el fútbol es para varones, no para señoritas") El Grafico weighs in, acknowledging the…
Image of player attacked by his own fans, who want to take his clothes as mementos of a championship season

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An in-depth look at how Independiente played "a lo hombre", with hard tackles ("jugando al futbol o pegando") San Lorenzo, in turn, demonstrated an un-sportsmanlike conduct by not bothering to play the last minutes of the match in protest to both…
Useful document because it shows that the matches between the champions of Europe and America were violent BEFORE Argentine teams participated
politics and sports in the pages of El Grafico before the Presidential election in 1963 (post-Frondizi)
Overview of why Mogilevsky and San Lorenzo head coach (Amandola) were fired and barred from the team following Amandola's violent attack on a fan during training The fan, a club member, taunted the coach Mogilevsky was fired because the two men…
More important than the opinions of the notable interviewees (who all agree that televising games should take place) is their focus on spectators and the benefits televised matches could provide to the public
What is interesting about this brief interview with Menotti is that he seems to have captured the imagination of El Grafico Menotti outlines his rationale for why Della Torre should leave the national team (and why the team suffered in Bolivia…
Highlights the incidents that marred a match between Argentina and Bolivia, and led AFA officials and players to consider withdrawing from the tournament out of safety concerns
This time, Bolivian police and fans were the chief protagonists during violent incidents at a match between the 2 countries
El Grafico surmises that politics, and a continual preference for a European/modern style favored by coaches like Spinetto and Lorenzo, led AFA officials to select Jose Della Torre over Perdenera Colombo, President of AFA, publicly stated that he…
Juvenal examines the problems in Argentine soccer (physicality and "destruction") and what is needed (offensive-minded risks)
Interview with players from Rosario Central examines their philosophies about soccer, their approach to the game, and why they think Argentine soccer is suffering
The labor union proposes an increase in salaries for those who handle tickets. AFA's initial refusal leads to government mediation. UTEDYC asks for a 50% raise.
An exemption on land tax is critical to helping Boca Juniors, and other clubs developing major projects, to fulfill these services to citizens (paying club members)
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