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Select articles from the publication El Hogar that offer images of famous teams and players in 1915. This issue of the magazine from 1915 is one of the earliest examples of a soccer-focused magazine publication in Argentina.
Image of Independiente winger Raimundo Orsi on the cover of El Gráfico June 14, 1924 (issue No. 258).
These plans show the proposed new stadium for Club Atlético River Plate. The images shows the new stadium under construction in 1937 and a game held on May 29, 1939. Eventually known as the Monumental Stadium, the original plans were designed for a…
Images of Club Atlético Independiente's stadium during a game for the Juan R. Mignaburu trophy (August 15, 1935) and circa 1939.
British referees make their debut at the start of the 1948 first division season. The Buenos Aires Herald notes that the foreign officials "controlled all the games, and each one did a definitely good job of work."
This image is aimed at showing Argentina's ability to host international tournaments like Juegos Panamericanos (and eventually a World Cup)
The penalties against referee Velarde, for purposefully omitting incidents in match reports that could have turned around a result between San Lorenzo and Independiente, seem to support the notion that River lost the championship in 1963 due to…
Expecting a violent match the magazine is pleasantly surprised to see a physical but fair match take place.
Although the professional players are on strike, a match that would decide the 1948 season takes place between Independiente and Racing
Estudiantes is guilty of playing soccer like it's war, instigating a climate that leaves players injured, and playing antifutbol This match is a continuation of previous Estudiantes-Independiente matches, and an upcoming one in Copa Libertadores…
An ugly and violent match takes place between Independiente & Estudiantes
In this match, the presence of police and gas canisters adds to the ugly scenes witnessed on the soccer field for three consecutive matches between Boca and Independiente
This version tries to give reason to what the author feels has no rationale
A climate of war and vendettas has gripped the rivalry between Boca Juniors and Independiente
Gas canisters, police brutality, fan brutality, projectiles…the beginning of the 1964 season
Tactics, Helenio Herrera, Giudice, and what happened in Europe What is interesting about this article are Herrera's own words, where he acknowledges using catenaccio and "anti-football" tactics to win
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