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Players and staff of Club Atlético Tigre pose for a team picture in 1902 and 1925. [Image 1 and image 2 accessible at Wikimedia Commons]
British referees make their debut at the start of the 1948 first division season. The Buenos Aires Herald notes that the foreign officials "controlled all the games, and each one did a definitely good job of work."
The first article is interesting because a smaller team, Tigre, has decided to honor one player from the national team that played in the World Cup: Ubaldo Rattín--who was infamously expelled from the final match against England and protested by…
Similar to how other sports magazines covered women's soccer, Goles provides a mix of criticism and bemusement to make the case that women should not play fútbol.
Early photograph of Tigre

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Although Arcos is not a well-remembered player in Argentine fútbol history, this profile piece is a perfect example of how sports magazines portrayed fútbol players: surrounded by family (especially the player's mother), in uniform, and with fans.…
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