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British referees make their debut at the start of the 1948 first division season. The Buenos Aires Herald notes that the foreign officials "controlled all the games, and each one did a definitely good job of work."
Linker's death receives more attention than in El Grafico
Are fans from the popular class being priced out?
Low attendance, poor management, lack of involvement by AFA, all lead to a decline in the quality of soccer in Argentina.
Article blames club officials for placing their interests on monetary policies over stadium security and the protection of fans. The author seems to absolve fans from unruly behavior and wonders if anything will come of AFA meausres.
The harassing of referees, presence of fans on the field, gas canisters and hoses aimed at hinchas, and other routine incidents call for a reform structure and morality in Argentine soccer.
A magazine for fans will obviously try to absolve (or at least find a scapegoat) for the irrational actions of fans. Is this the more noticeable rise of the 'barras brava', described here as 'un pequeño sector de inadaptados'?
Specific mention is made of the 'hinchada', the police, and the excessive intervention by authorities in the face of a restless fan base. The loss here is to Deportivo Español, one of the worst teams of the season.
Envenenados hinchas' and 'rencorosa hinchada' are some of the terms used to describe Racing's fans. [No surprise at how these hinchas, on both sides, came to see each other as enemies]
Fan coverage of other fans. Notice the language used…seeds of a barras brava?
Although this brief article has a stated purpose of showcasing how Boca Juniors fans celebrate a victory over River, it is mostly acts as a form of criticism and crude generalizations about these fans. The image of Boca fans celebrating their victory…
More idolatry towards the fans of the club
Instead of lamenting the use of gas and water hoses by the police, the magazine presents these and other forms of public control as "obstacles" that the stoicism of the brave hinchas overcame.
Little bands of fans ('barras bravas'?) destroy parts of the Monumental stadium in celebration of Boca Juniors championship-also injuring many
Match between River and Racing descends into chaos in the stands and the use of gas canisters against fans
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