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The harassing of referees, presence of fans on the field, gas canisters and hoses aimed at hinchas, and other routine incidents call for a reform structure and morality in Argentine soccer.
Helpful article in determining what is a 'revolution' and what is aimed at changing.
A somewhat empty article if El Grafico does not offer a specific way for "good" fans to get rid of "bad" fans; however, the article is symptomatic of the main concerns facing Argentine soccer in 1962
Displaying various newspaper clippings and letters, El Grafico wants to shed light on the increasing violence at soccer matches as an example of the nation's decaying sense of morality
The article praises the sportsmanship, morality, and heart of provincial teams and concludes that teams in the professional leagues could learn much from the provinces
A useful overview of some of the problems in Argentinean soccer Panzeri characterizers "reformers" as people who always look towards Europe for answers He also believes that fundamental changes will not occur because professional soccer was born with…
Using images to make their case, the magazine notes that athletes have lost respect for each other and an ability to demonstrate a noble spirit.
Carlos Aloe explains what morality in sports looks like in the New Argentina, and the values that athletes must adhere to. Above all, athletes must dedicate their efforts to "la patria"
Notions of good sportsmanship are outlined in this piece by a member of the club
The article praises the fan who supports teams with a positive spirit, but blasts the "hincha" ("uno de los seres más desagradables y perniciosos de nuestro actual medio")
Notions of good sportsmanship tie into social order, regulations, and even morality.
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