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This opinion piece examines what the authors refer to as the "integral part of the current 'image' of professional football: violence, on and off the field. The authors go through a series of violent events at professional matches in Great Britain.…
The Scottish press' coverage of Racing's 2-1 victory in the second game of a two-leg series continues to offer dismissive comments about Racing and stereotypes of the Argentine players. The author juxtaposes the "vicious kicking and hacking" by…
Police announce a series of measures to curb fan disorders, including stationing retired policeman at ticket windows to monitor the resale of tickets, barring spectators from bringing objects into stadiums that could inflict damage, and prosecuting…
Commentary on the Italy-Chile match, and details about Chilean fans throwing rocks at the Italian delegation after the match. The title of the article, "Hermanos," shows that in the spirit of brotherhood of the World Cup, there's no love lost when…
Tomás Sánchez de Bustamante, a club member of Huracán, threatened the life of a referee and is promptly banned from attending any match for two years. It is unclear if AFA possessed the ability to prevent his entry to stadiums; however, it is worth…
No mention is made of violence at games in the first division, instead the focus is on smaller venues at the "B" division.
Linker's body is visible among the gases in the stands.
Linesman is assailed by fan in this brief roundup of weekly soccer
Linker's death receives more attention than in El Grafico
Low attendance, poor management, lack of involvement by AFA, all lead to a decline in the quality of soccer in Argentina.
Article blames club officials for placing their interests on monetary policies over stadium security and the protection of fans. The author seems to absolve fans from unruly behavior and wonders if anything will come of AFA meausres.
Letter from River President Julian Kent absolving the club from any negligence on stadium security
A magazine for fans will obviously try to absolve (or at least find a scapegoat) for the irrational actions of fans. Is this the more noticeable rise of the 'barras brava', described here as 'un pequeño sector de inadaptados'?
Team official tries to set the record straight on Puerta 12
Images and reporting provide a look into the tragedy of Puerta 12
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