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Image of Peron in presidential garb
This letter is aimed at the actual athletes participating in the sports tournament, linking their efforts and athleticism to the greater pride and success of Argentina.
This brief letter to sportsmen, or pibes, is aimed at connecting sports to nationalism and honoring Eva Peron.
Image of Eva, most likely official portrait
The magazine links its publication with larger efforts to promote sports as a form of nationalism, as well as to honor the passing of Eva Perón.
Another example of the intersection of politics and sports
Images of Eva Perón show her devotion to sports and Argentine athletes
Magazine lauds the Eva Perón tournament as a symbol of national pride and success
Construction of new sports facilities are at the center of the 2nd "plan quinquenal"
The solid performance of the national team reflects a greater idea of national pride, which the Peron government uses to its own populist advantage
Recap of the 1952 season through the eyes of Mundo Deportivo
Linesman is assailed by fan in this brief roundup of weekly soccer
Brief overview of River Plate's 1952 championship season
This article summarizes the close Primera B season
Useful to understand youth crime under Peronism
Great! Very useful information in comparison to wages and food prices
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