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Peron surrounded by youth players
Shows how teams shifted to more defensive styles, centered on preventing goals by all means, during the late 1950s
Evita kicks off a match at her youth tournament
Evita salutes youth athletes (soccer players) at the opening ceremony
Coverage of these youth tournaments gains special coverage (within the first pages) of each issue of the magazine.
Although the Education department hosted an annual youth festival honoring students, the staging, imagery and focus on physical aptitude all echo what critics would cite as fascist symbolism and indoctrination of youth.
The writers have bemoaned the lack of quality among amateur players of the third divisions, and the players strike has shown that low skills have led to an ugly series of games where players are prone to foul. Likewise, fans are unruly at soccer…
Looks at the new youth national team, whose goal is to produce the basis for the 1970 World Cup team
In this particular petition, the Eva Peron Foundation asks for the presence of key government officials as honorary officials in the "Juegos Infantiles Eva Peron" and "Juegos Juveniles Juan Peron."
Useful to understand youth crime under Peronism
Announces the student union league soccer tournament for high school students.
Announces the new Evita youth tournaments for 1955 throughout Buenos Aires, which aims to bring healthy and joyous activities to children.
Bernardo Gago, a high ranking Peronist official, visited various sites across Buenos Aires to observe the youth sporting tournaments.
The games are a legacy of Eva Peron and the article serves as nothing more than state propaganda
A bit of propaganda and promotion for the inaugural Eva Peron Youth Soccer Tournament
Advertisement for the first Eva Peron Youth Soccer Tournament
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