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AFA, perhaps sensing that public blame is shifting to the lack of responsibility by clubs for stadium safety, provides financial support for victims through funds collected at various matches.
AFA expresses its support and sadness concerning the tragedy of Puerta 12, offering financial compensation to the victims and calling for a public honoring for the deaths through a week of no games, players wearing black armbands, and other measures.
When River plays in small stadiums, the fandom that follows River Plate defies stadium security and capacity measures.
Letter from River President Julian Kent absolving the club from any negligence on stadium security
Team official tries to set the record straight on Puerta 12
Images and reporting provide a look into the tragedy of Puerta 12
Cover image and title, 'Horro', describes the events of Puerta 12
Most of the solutions provided deal with fans, and how stadium and club officials have been negligent of protecting them
The news of Puerta 12 is fresh and this article is mostly filled with images of destruction and grief
A mix of sadness and confusion, El Grafico tries to grapple with the tragedy of Puerta 12
Different overview of Puerta 12 than found in other sports magazines.
The match between San Lorenzo and River Plate, played at Huracan's stadium, was suspended due to the collapse of a section of the stadium
The author describes the 71 deas, and hundreds injured, as "martyrs" in the service of a public spectacle, suggesting that no serious reform will come of this tragedy. As one sugestion, he offers more television coverage as a possible solution of…
More details about the exhibition matches hastily arranged to raise funds for the victims of the 1944 earthquake, as well as a mention of Chilean support ("nuestros hermanos de raza y tradición")
The magazine highlights the generosity and humanity of the club in raising funds for the funds of the tragedy in Sarmiento (the 1944 earthquake in San Juan). An outreach for fan support in raising funds follows on the next page.
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