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The first article offers an interview between journalist Geoffrey Greene and Stanley Rous, then FIFA President. It discusses the state of the Intercontinental Cup and solutions moving forward to ensure greater sportsmanship and wider participation by…
The Scottish press' coverage of Racing's 2-1 victory in the second game of a two-leg series continues to offer dismissive comments about Racing and stereotypes of the Argentine players. The author juxtaposes the "vicious kicking and hacking" by…
The Scottish press' coverage of Celtic's 1-0 win in the first game of a two-leg series is full of dismissive comments about Racing and stereotypes of the "Latin races." The author writes that everything will be against Celtic in Buenos Aires on…
These pages provide a summary of the club's major accomplishments, including the staging of new exhibition tournaments and the progress of the Ciudad Deportiva complex.
These records show expenditures for the Ciudad Deportiva project. This report offered club members a chance to see the fiscal progress of this ambitious development.
These records show income and expenditures for CABJ, fiscal year October 1966 to September 1967, including revenue generated from the professional fiútbol team. Also included is a list of the major club donors and their contributions for the year.
Records show that CABJ enjoyed a 38% increase in club revenues from the previous fiscal year.
Details of the massive infrastructure project includes financial records, committee members, and stages of the project underway and planned for the future (swimming pool, bridges, paved walkways).
As one of the largest club associations, Boca Juniors developed various cultural programs for its members and their families, including theatre and cinema programs, as well as classes in music, dance, language, and chess.
Records show the titles Boca Juniors won in various sports, as well as a summary of all athletic-related events for the year for both men and women.
This table records the data for club membership at Boca Juniors between October 1966 and September 1967 - a period of small growth with an additional 4,000 socios.
In this summary of the club's major accomplishments, several developments are worth noting: the construction of the first access bridge to the Ciudad Deportiva complex and Boca Juniors' willingness to accomodate a federal initiative (under the…
San Lorenzo player Narciso Doval is accused by the flight crew of Aerolineas Austral of sexual harassment and belligerent behavior on a flight to Buenos Aires. AFA presents the details of the accusations and promises further investigations, but…
Team picture of Celtic, with positive faces after a hard-fought match. They would feel differently leaving Argentina to Montevideo.
How one club's fan magazine covers the national success of a rival club: Racing
Known for his violent and overly physical style of play, which also defined his Estudiantes team, El Grafico tries to understand Pachame's approach to soccer and the criticisms leveled at him
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