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Pre-game moment when the captain of Motherwell F.C., Robert Ferrier, receives a gift (club pendant flag) from Peñarol officials. Motherwell's manager, John "Sailor" Hunter, is pictured to the far right.
The Scottish press' coverage of Celtic's 1-0 win in the first game of a two-leg series is full of dismissive comments about Racing and stereotypes of the "Latin races." The author writes that everything will be against Celtic in Buenos Aires on…
Independiente never played in the Centenario stadium but was able to defeat Uruguayan champion Peñarol 3-1
After losing in Argentina, Nacional defeated River Plate 5-0, while Peñarol also won 3-1
Because clubs are civic associations, and AFA a private association of clubs, then who "owns" Argentine fútbol? Can anyone "own" fútbol?
A stark contrast in coverage to the previous year (due to more losses)
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