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Image shows a postcard of the R.M.S.P. "Arlanza," which carried the Motherwell F.C. delegation back to Scotland.
Members of the Motherwell F.C. delegation at Waterloo Station in London, headed to Southampton, where they will then board the R.M.S.P Almanzora to South America.
Colorized image of the Argentine "Select" team from the provincial leagues before their match against Motherwell (May 17, 1928)
Pre-game moment when the captain of Motherwell F.C., Robert Ferrier, receives a gift (club pendant flag) from Peñarol officials. Motherwell's manager, John "Sailor" Hunter, is pictured to the far right.
Image shows a postcard of the R.M.S.P. "Arlanza," which carried the Motherwell F.C. delegation back to Scotland.
Image of Robert Ferrier: forward and captain of Motherwell F.C.
Referee blows his whistle during a match bewteen Motherwell F.C. and a "select" team of players from the league in Rosario.
Various articles in the local press gave readers an opportunity to know F.C. Motherwell ahead of its numerous exhibition matches in Argentina. Source not identified.
News reports of the various games Motherwell played in Argentina against "select" national teams (made up of players from both Buenos Aires and provincial leagues). Source not identified.
A photograph of Motherwell F.C. players before their game against Argentina's provincial select team, played on May 17, 1928, which Motherwell lost by a score of 2-1.
A photograph of F.C. Motherwell players and coaches onboard the RML Almanzora, with destination to Rio De Janeiro, Montevideo, and Buenos Aires (May-July 1928). Manager John "Sailor" Hunter is standing on the far right of the picture.
Images of the members of the men's national soccer team competing at the 1928 Olympic Games in Amsterdam
FC Barcelona club players; two images of players colliding for the ball
Barcelona goalkeeper, Hungarian Francisco Platko Klopetz, dives for the ball as Argentine and Barcelona players watch. In the second image, Platko latches onto the ball as Domingo Tarasconi and Raimundo Orsi charge the Barcelona keeper. The game, an…
Boca Juniors goalkeeper leaps for the ball as a Barcelona player goes for a header. The game, an international club friendly played in Buenos Aires, ended in a 2-1 win for the Catalan club. [Image accessible at Wikimedia Commons]
Image of Argentine national team and Boca Juniors stalwart, Domingo Tarasconi, who represented Argentina at the 1928 Olympics. Tarascone played as a right-wing forward, or "insider derecho," for La Albiceleste and as a striker for Boca Juniors, where…
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