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Colorized image of Plymouth Argyle F.C. players before one of their matches in Argentina in 1924.
Third Lanark A.C. players before their match in Argentina in 1923.
Members of the Motherwell F.C. delegation at Waterloo Station in London, headed to Southampton, where they will then board the R.M.S.P Almanzora to South America.
Colorized image of the Argentine "Select" team from the provincial leagues before their match against Motherwell (May 17, 1928)
Pre-game moment when the captain of Motherwell F.C., Robert Ferrier, receives a gift (club pendant flag) from Peñarol officials. Motherwell's manager, John "Sailor" Hunter, is pictured to the far right.
Image of Robert Ferrier: forward and captain of Motherwell F.C.
Referee blows his whistle during a match bewteen Motherwell F.C. and a "select" team of players from the league in Rosario.
A photograph of Motherwell F.C. players before their game against Argentina's provincial select team, played on May 17, 1928, which Motherwell lost by a score of 2-1.

Images of midfielder Luis Monti with the Argentine national team, as well as with Club Atlético San Lorenzo in 1925. Monti was one of the best players for La Albiceleste at the 1928 Olympics and the 1930 World Cup. That same year, he left Argentina…
Players and staff of Club Atlético Tigre pose for a team picture in 1902 and 1925. [Image 1 and image 2 accessible at Wikimedia Commons]
Image of Alumni legends and cousins Jorge and Juan Brown on the cover of El Gráfico July 21, 1923 (issue No. 212).
Images of midfielder Luis Monti wearing his Club Atlético San Lorenzo kit in 1925. The magazine labels him the best midfield in the league on its front cover (issue No. 330).
These images show the grandstands of the old Racing Club stadium, located at Alsina and Colón. [Image 1 and image 2 in the public domain and can be found on Wikimedia Commons]
FC Barcelona club players; two images of players colliding for the ball

Images of Argentine soldiers during the Malvinas (Falklands) War in 1982, including POWs captured and detained at Port Stanley (photographs from Ken Griffiths). [Image accessible at Wikimedia Commons]
Barcelona goalkeeper, Hungarian Francisco Platko Klopetz, dives for the ball as Argentine and Barcelona players watch. In the second image, Platko latches onto the ball as Domingo Tarasconi and Raimundo Orsi charge the Barcelona keeper. The game, an…
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