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A general interest meeting announcement by the provisional committee where the rules will be approved for the Rosario Cricket Club, with a match to played on the same date between "Town" and "Railway."
Referee blows his whistle during a match bewteen Motherwell F.C. and a "select" team of players from the league in Rosario.
Select articles from the publication El Hogar that offer images of famous teams and players in 1915. This issue of the magazine from 1915 is one of the earliest examples of a soccer-focused magazine publication in Argentina.
Fan disorder leads to police using tear gas canisters at a match between Newell's Old Boys and San Lorenzo in Rosario. "Women Faint; Reporters Flee"
Describing the incidents as "an unprecedented scandal" ("un escándolo como no se recuerda otro en una cancha de Rosario"), the writer explains how no rational exists to justify what took place in Rosario, specifically the number of women and children…
Local fans ('adictos') in Rosario storm the south end of the field and tear down wire fences to attack the match referee for what they deemed as suspicious calls in favor of San Lorenzo. Police threatened to use tear gas, which only increased the ire…
Pointing to their shared roots in La Boca neighborhood, La Nación characterizes the match between River Plate and Boca Juniors as a great rivlary match (but not as the defining match of Argentine fútbol as of yet). The second match of the day,…
Graphic images of injured fans as stadium collapsed during the match played in Rosario. The news coverage attributes the disaster to unruly fans angry at decisions made by the referee, which they refer to as behavior that is out of place at sporting…
In the first match of the season, Boca plays a hard-fought game against Newell's
A useful survey of the peronist movement over 15 years.
This article uses recent acts of violence to assess another week difficult for Argentines.
The article characterizes the military government as totalitarian, ready to repress any form of dissention (such as the use of gas canisters).
The series of articles, including a poll conducted on who is to blame, reveal quite a bit about the cause of student protests and the bloody response by military officials. In many ways, this is the beginning of the end for Onganía as President as he…
Another example of the intersection between sports and the Perons
Fans tore the fences, invaded the field, and tried to attack the match official (supposedly due to the inflamed passions of certain female supporters from Rosario).
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