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A football match is scheduled to take place on May 25, 1868, with balls recently arrived from Rugby, England. It is likely that the balls were less round, and more oval, as Rugby was a hotbed for football played by rules that would eventually become…
A general interest meeting announcement by the provisional committee where the rules will be approved for the Rosario Cricket Club, with a match to played on the same date between "Town" and "Railway."
A football match on the cricket fields of Palermo sees Hogg and Heald-led teams meet, with a score of 3-2 for Heald's team. This game coincided with Argentina's indpeendence day. The article makes note that women were in attendance, but that without…
A football match in Palermo interrupted by municipal woodcutting. Hundreds in attendance.
The article announces the Buenos Aires Athletic Sports event, scheduled for May 21st, where participants can compete in numerous events.
Image of the Buenos Aires Cricket Club, which hosted some of the earliest organized sports matches in Argentina including cricket, football, and rugby.
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