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Because El Gráfico was busy heaping praise on itself the previous week, this delayed summary of La Plata's stadium disaster, focusing on the safety and well being of people who attend these matches.
Graphic images of injured fans as stadium collapsed during the match played in Rosario. The news coverage attributes the disaster to unruly fans angry at decisions made by the referee, which they refer to as behavior that is out of place at sporting…
The value of this article lies in its retrospective look back at the 1958 World Cup, one year later.
The city government of Buenos Aires enacts serious safety measures that fútbol clubs and AFA (under federal intervention) cannot meet, thus deemed deficient. These measures were put in place in the wake of the tragedy of "Puerta 12".
This helpful article lists, according to eyewitnesses, the various accounts of what happened to cause the stadium disaster.
Press coverage shifts from the events of "Puerta 12" to the stories of those affected, including fútbol clubs, families of victims, the deceased, and local communities.
An account squarely focused on the victims of "Puerta 12", as well as measures taken by all involved to prevent future tragedies and tend to the present-day victims.
Detailed account days after "Puerta 12"
Press coverage here is focused much more on the victims than officials, although it lists some response from River Plate about stadium security
President Onganía visits clinics and neighborhoods are in mourning.
President Onganía visits police stations and police-run clinics to visit those injured. This is interesting because it reaffirms the President's military background, but also demonstrates his lack of empathy with average citizens (no visits to…
Extensive coverage of the stadium disaster at the Monumental Stadium
Several clubs, including Independiente, pay respect to the victims of the stadium disaster in Peru.
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