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Alberto Poletti, who was permanently expelled from professional fútbol for his actions against AC Milan, appealed for leniency citing his ability to earn a living. The new interventor, Oneto Gaona, declines the request citing the image of the…
The letters show a transfer of power at AFA, but also the primacy of the national team in long-term projects of the associated body.
The harassing of referees, presence of fans on the field, gas canisters and hoses aimed at hinchas, and other routine incidents call for a reform structure and morality in Argentine soccer.
Helpful article in determining what is a 'revolution' and what is aimed at changing.
The magazine highlights how even Italian journalists familar with Argentine soccer do not feel that Estudiantes represented Argentina as a whole.
politics and soccer Ongania embraces Racing
Perhaps a helpful image to show how politicians like Ongania found soccer as a useful tool to appeal to the public
The author suggests that the "liberación revolucionaria" was only for 50% of the country and that the military government was once again restricting freedom, much like Perón. Instead, the Frondizi years showed that liberties did not threaten…
Notable are Arturo Frondizi's comments on the military control of government and reflections on desarrolismo
Helpful to see how government intervention, now running over four years, has affected AFA.
The climate of violence escalates, leaving Aramburu dead and a martyr for the military's pursuit of social order; however, this murder came a month after Onganía was ousted by other military leaders for failing to stem public violence.
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