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Image of women's football captains Carmen Pomies (Femina SC, Paris) and Florrie Redford (Dick Kerr, Preston, England) in 1925. Dick Kerr won by a score of 4-2 in this international club match. Cover of El Gráfico (Issue No. 310)
Image of female spectators - in a specific area of the stands for women - watching a match between Racing and Quilmes on July 18, 1911 (Racing won 2-1).
Fan disorder leads to police using tear gas canisters at a match between Newell's Old Boys and San Lorenzo in Rosario. "Women Faint; Reporters Flee"
Article is useful in looking at how soccer shapes masculinity through the gendered 'other': women
Useful article to understand gender divisions in soccer
Provides a helpful look at which sports women played under Peronism and to what degree gendered sports activities were a part of cultural reforms
This light article is interesting because it tries to show the reactions of soccer fans, but is filled mostly with images of children and women: who make up a small minority of actual fans at the stadiums
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