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Good commentary on soccer and national identity. It contrasts criollo attributes of 'gambeta' with sharp elbows and dirty plays.
Critical piece on the soccer exhibited by Estudiantes and Atlanta
Uruguay played a dirty and physical game, according to Mundo Deportivo, which explains why Argentina lost the final match.
Writers become increasingly worried about the violence exhibited by players.
Just weeks after giving Boca, now coached by former River legend Alfredo DiStefano, its first loss the magazine highlights the 'anti-futbol' of Estudiantes.
The behavior of Estudiantes is central to this story and the penalties levied by the AFA and the government
The coach absolves himself of any of the violence in the match but tries to defend his players while not excusing the worst behavior
After losing 3-0 to AC Milan in the first leg of the Copa Intercontinental El Grafico admits that playing physical is different than playing ugly Estudiantes crossed that line as it played against a better team in Milan
El Grafico insinuates that AFA and other soccer officials have turned their back on Estudiantes because their style of play is responsible for the failure of the national team to qualify for the World Cup
Helpful insight on Bilardo and Estudiantes who prefer to win than play well
Accusing AC Milan of playing 'anti-futbol' El Grafico surmises that Estudiantes will have no problem with this team (ironic since Estudiantes plays very similar)
Author makes note that "ugliness" and violence should be accepted by now when these two teams play
What is "anti-futbol"? Fontanarrosa questions how the term is used and if it applies to Estudiantes
anti-futbol: the basic summary of Estudiantes' victory over Racing
"An embarassment for them and us" is what El Grafico believes sums up the performance of Estudiantes in defeating Racing
Tactics, Helenio Herrera, Giudice, and what happened in Europe What is interesting about this article are Herrera's own words, where he acknowledges using catenaccio and "anti-football" tactics to win
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