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Overview of successful projects in 1955, including the expansion of facilities for children and the foundation for the completion of the fourth side of the stadium.
This brief synopsis of facility construction helps showcase how these clubs were much more than a pure soccer entity.
More ties between River Plate and Perón. Would such attention be paid to a club that does not keep winning championships?
The colonia infantil is a project derived from Eva Perón's work with children. This article summarizes how River Plate will include a sporting complex for children.
An exemption on land tax is critical to helping Boca Juniors, and other clubs developing major projects, to fulfill these services to citizens (paying club members)
The idea proposed by Reinaldo Elena is to provide sports institutions, or other civic groups, exemptions from water tariffs as long as they show that water is beeing used for swimming pools and other health activities.
Senators José Castiglione, among others, introduces into the Senate the legislation brought forth in the lower chamber to cede public lands to Boca Juniors for their "Ciudad Deportiva" project. The measure passes and goes onto the executive branch…
An important document--details and transcript of the legislation brought forth by Reinaldo Elena (and others) to cede public lands to Boca Juniors for the club's plan to construct the Ciudad Deportiva.
The life of a club and the strength of its sustainability depends heavily on permanent facilities for its members.
In line with other clubs looking to create massive social centers for its members (like Boca Juniors), the magazine highlights plans for a swank new center near Parque Patricios
Answering critics or negative fans, the magazine alludes to the greatness of the club as one that is not merely measured by success on the field, but rather by all that it offers its members in terms of social and cultural activities.
An example of how clubs sought better commodities and luxuries for its players.
The process of constructing new, and bigger, facilities was implicit in the election of officials who promised such projects during election season. Here, the President of Boca writes directly to fans.
A helpful summary of Boca's plans for its facilities, with a mention that Sportivo Barracas will allow players to use their facilities for training.
Although massive projects were decades away, this article shows how Boca aimed to expand its facilities with ambitious projects
Alberto Armando was a business executive who took control of Boca Juniors and shifted the club away from its roots as a club association and into a major business entity in Buenos Aires. This "sports city" is the most ambitious of the major projects…
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