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This page details adjustments that Boca Juniors made during the last year of Peronist rule in 1955, and more importantly the club's 50th anniversary.
As one of the first years of Boca Juniors under Alberto Armando, this letter provides some insight into the priorities of the club at the outset of an era focused on increasing spectacle amid dwindling attendance.
This page details adjustments that Boca Juniors made during the military coup of 1955 and 1956.
A detailed look at the non-soccer related activities at a major club like River Plate.
Helpful to examine this data to the previous year
This brief synopsis of facility construction helps showcase how these clubs were much more than a pure soccer entity.
By comparing club expenditures in soccer to other sports and cultural activities, one can see how much priority Boca Juniors gave to certain sports and social events.
Racing Club de Chivilcoy offered many cultural and social activities for members beyond theatre, including dances and film exhibits.
Programs at clubs often reflected the interests of those elected as officials. In the case of Racing de Chivilcoy, theatre was a major focus of this club's non-sports activities.
This outline is a good example of how physical education was seen as scientific and important to overall hygiene.
Inaugural issue of Revista Racing Club de Chivilcoy, a fan magazine largely created by the club itself (unlike its counterparts in other, much larger, institutions in major cities like Buenos Aires). This magazine particularly focuses on cultural and…
Answering critics or negative fans, the magazine alludes to the greatness of the club as one that is not merely measured by success on the field, but rather by all that it offers its members in terms of social and cultural activities.
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