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Chief among the cultural events hosted by CABJ, various fundraisers for the Ciudad Deportiva project allowed the club to project a vibrant and international image to the world.
The hiring of Adolfo Perdenera as national coach and a match against lowly Bolivia 'assure' Argentina of qualifying for Mexico 1970 and bringing order to Argentine soccer.
Citing the fact that 8 of the starting 11 players on the national team belonged to River Plate, the magazine accuses sports writers at newspapers like La Nacion of omitting the contribution of River players in their summary of the national team's…
Like in 1963 Argentina and Bolivia's march ends with Bolivian police severely beating Argentine players, coaches, and even the press
A loss to Bolivia makes it very difficult for Argentina to qualify for the World Cup
Highlights the incidents that marred a match between Argentina and Bolivia, and led AFA officials and players to consider withdrawing from the tournament out of safety concerns
This time, Bolivian police and fans were the chief protagonists during violent incidents at a match between the 2 countries
Panzeri's main criticism is that the process and decisions in selecting players for the national team shows that few understand how soccer should be played, instead favoring modern systems that are contrary to how Argentine players develop
Written in short blurbs, Panzeri blasts the players involved in the ugly incidents during the Bolivia-Argentina World Cup qualifying game, appealing to morals and civility The most biting commentary is reserved for the fans, who who got bent out of…
The focus of this piece is on the ugly first half that turned ugly, violent, and unsportsmanlike Argentina qualifies for the World Cup
List of results from Estudiantes while playing overseas
This deciding match for who would go to Sweden turned violent after Argentina took the lead. Several players were expelled, and Goles lays the blame squarely on the visiting Bolivian side for resorting to violence to avoid an embarassing score line.
These articles reveal the surprise that many sports writers felt when Argentina lost to Bolivia by a score of 2-0. Yet, sports writers were already wary of the fortunes of the national team in the wake of high-profile transfers from various national…
Goles labels Bolivia and Chile, hardly South American powers in 1957, as "enemies" in an optimistic piece ahead of the 1958 World Cup
Great article. The national team coach, Maschio, is fired under pressure from sports reporters who found themselves suddenly limited in their access to the national team (but well within the boundaries for journalists). The interventor of AFA is also…
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