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Perhaps in response to social unrest and military pressure on Peron this article stresses that power derives from the people and laws should be adhered. Sportsman must do their part and observe the laws of their sport. People are more able to support…
The article rebukes the deteriorating climate at stadiums, and applauds Huracán for encouraging women to attend free, with roses and prime seats. (the adjoining article's last words are about the decline of creative fútbol and the growth of a climate…
Fontanarrosa comments on the death of a fan (Suoto), the threats on journalists, and other forms of violence as a renewal of old calls by El Grafico to end this nonsense (and heed the calls for civility by the government)
Written in short blurbs, Panzeri blasts the players involved in the ugly incidents during the Bolivia-Argentina World Cup qualifying game, appealing to morals and civility The most biting commentary is reserved for the fans, who who got bent out of…
Reader blasts the coverage of f˙tbol in the magazine. He describes f˙tbol players as neandrathals whho cannot write their own names but are still paid millions while true professionals have to leave the country to earn a living.
Reader Enrique Rotti is upset about the sudden cancellation of cultural programs on television in favor of fútbol matches. He describes fútbol as a habit of those lacking culture.
One article tries to summarize why a fan struck the referee with an orange in the left eye, while the other article blasts fans who should be exiled to uncivilized places of the world.
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