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Match report pays special tribute to Argentine goalkeeper Miguel Ángel Rugilo, whose numerous saves had Argentina on the verge of becoming the first foreign team to win on English soil before two late English goals secured their 2-1 victory over La…
After a brief synopsis of the match, journalists make note of the environment at Wembley Stadium and the diverse reactions in the British press towards the performance of Argentina's national team.
Extensive coverage of the match between Argentina and England at Wembley Stadium, a defeat for the South Americans by a score of 2-1.
Helpful data to chart over several years in the 1950s
A look at how much each player earned in 1958
A look at how much each player earned in 1957
A look at how much each player earned in 1955
Having previously stated the many faults of preparation the magazine allows itself a chance to say 'I told you so'.
Insight into Labruna's coaching philosophy in the Estudiantes-era.
Police intervention, collapsed fence, gas canisters, hoses, violent plays…all on display in this match
Perón using national team success and River Plate's popularity to elevate his image.
The commentary and observations of River coach Minella were spot-on. Angel Labruna was the star of the tournament. Just two examples of how River covered the national team in the Copa Sudamericana.
The last minute addition of Labruna (among others) showed that something was missing from the national team. The sale of star players like Angelillo and Sivori, had much to do with the fears of observers of the national team before Sweden '58. This…
Example of how photographs are constructed for specific purposes. Here, the magazine bridges the generational gap between the era of "La Maquina" and the new talent the club is producing.
He regrets what happened in 1969 and defends his philosophy and approach to the game Zubeldia also has choice words for DiStefano and Labruna
Citing the success of Argentine auto racing, tennis, and especially soccer, Argentina has emerged as a sporting nation valued across the world. Players like Labruna, Di Stefano, Ricagni, as well as coaches like Stabile, are sought after by Europe's…
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