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Match report pays special tribute to Argentine goalkeeper Miguel Ángel Rugilo, whose numerous saves had Argentina on the verge of becoming the first foreign team to win on English soil before two late English goals secured their 2-1 victory over La…
"Con los mismos colores" premiered at Suipacha and starred Nelly Daren and three of Argentina's best players: Mario Boyé, Alfredo Di Stéfano, and Norberto Méndez (directed by Carlos Torres Rios)
Featuring Mario Boyé, Norberto "Tucho" Méndez, and Alfredo Di Stéfano (featured in this image), Con los mismos colores (1948) elevated fútbol players from secondary characters to the fore.
Coverage looks at tactical approaches by Alf Ramsey (England) and Juan Carlos Lorenzo (Argentina), as well as the excitement among the general public for this match.
Perhaps scheduled to facilitate the signing of Boyé, Rácing plays in Italty against Genoa.
The signing of Mario Boyé brings star power to Rácing on the year it is set to open its new stadium.
Racing touts the signing for Mario Boyé from Italy's Genoa, but the transfer is not yet official. Fan magazines have a tendency to announce important signings before they become official (sometimes leading to a situation akin to a bride left at the…
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