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Match report pays special tribute to Argentine goalkeeper Miguel Ángel Rugilo, whose numerous saves had Argentina on the verge of becoming the first foreign team to win on English soil before two late English goals secured their 2-1 victory over La…
A capacity crowd endured the pouring rain to witness the second match between Argentina and England (total revenue for this game stood at 3.2 million pesos). The referee eventually suspended the match as playing conditions worsened, leading Sir…
Effusive praise for the Argentine national team and its convincing win over England at River Plate stadium.
After a brief synopsis of the match, journalists make note of the environment at Wembley Stadium and the diverse reactions in the British press towards the performance of Argentina's national team.
Press and soccer fans in Argentina closely followed the performance of major club teams involved in offseason exhibition games in Spain. In several of these articles, newspapers took note of the attendance for these matches (50-65,000), presumably to…
"Con los mismos colores" premiered at Suipacha and starred Nelly Daren and three of Argentina's best players: Mario Boyé, Alfredo Di Stéfano, and Norberto Méndez (directed by Carlos Torres Rios)
Featuring Mario Boyé, Norberto "Tucho" Méndez, and Alfredo Di Stéfano (featured in this image), Con los mismos colores (1948) elevated fútbol players from secondary characters to the fore.
Perhaps scheduled to facilitate the signing of Boyé, Rácing plays in Italty against Genoa.
Ardizzone selets a few "crack" players from the so-caled "golden age" of Argentine fútbol and measures each players' strengths and weaknesses in order to assess whether they could succeed in the modern game.
This magazine was aimed at a wide audience, unlike El Gráfico
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