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A capacity crowd endured the pouring rain to witness the second match between Argentina and England (total revenue for this game stood at 3.2 million pesos). The referee eventually suspended the match as playing conditions worsened, leading Sir…
Effusive praise for the Argentine national team and its convincing win over England at River Plate stadium.
The main thrust of Boca's argument is that Ernesto Grillo retaliated against an Independiente fan who had stormed the field and went after Grillo It was self-defense The tone of the published articles are also defensive and seem to suggest that Boca,…
Citing Pedro Dellacha as a good model of sportsmanship and professionalism, the commentator derides the increasing player violence in Argentine fútbol.
Although some Argentine players struggled playing in Italy, others like Sívori and Angelillo ony needed a season or two to adjust and excel–even playing for the Italian national team down the road.
A counter narrative to other articles that wondered why Argentine players struggled in Italy.
Incidents at the end of the match included a person attacking a player, who promptly beats him up. There is some reference to the use of gases ("cohetes o tiros alarmaron a los hinchas")
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