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One of the more widespread images of Juan Perón, dressed in formal suit with presidential sash.
A different type of player, Gatti was outspoken, fashionable, and seen by some as a hippie. This interview reveals a lot about his character.
Two payers, known for their long hair and sideburns (and thick moustache), are the new stars of Argentine fútbol. One, Carlos Rodríguez, is also the new "hard man" in the league and prone to lengthy suspensions for his physical play.
Seijo is also the name of the club President, who seems to have made his fortune in various businesses such as real estate and glass products. Either way, this ad shows off refined men's fashion in the club magazine.
This particular issue is interesting because it attracted a wide range of sponsors, which saw an opportunity to reach a larger audience due to the new stadium's opening and the special issue of Racing. As a result, the ads here were not directed to…
The most noticeable shift in advertisements from 1955 to 1970 is the shift from the collective (family, brotherhood) and personal grooming to the individual, with a focus on cars, music, outdoor adventure, and a man's partner (families are…
These ads were aimed at readers of El Gráfico, most of whom were middle-class men.
Ads for tailored suits of the business executive were by means not confined to the late 1950s and 1960s.
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